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    Now is your time 
    to lead the way

    Now is your time 
    to lead the way

    Official Distributor of KPNP Taekwondo Products to Cyprus

    Official Distributor of KPNP
    Taekwondo Products to Cyprus

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Leading the change with us

Leading the change with us

Since 2007, KPNP has been leading the industrialization of sports IT as a leading company in the field of Taekwondo EPE (Electronic Protective Equipment) and game operating system

The new Taekwondo movement is here

We supply the Korean market leading brand of KPNP to Taekwondo practitioners through out Cyprus. We offer wholesales for stockists looking to buy in bulk and add the KPNP brand to their existing catalog of high quality Taekwondo equipment.

We aim to take a leap forward for a new future of sports with the core values of challenge and change as our corporate mission.

KPNP is with us so that our expertise leads sports technology, our creativity gives value to technology, and our passion and challenge can create a new future value for sports.

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We strive to provide you with the best equipment possible.
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Every piece of equipment is tested for accuracy and precision. We use only the most advanced quality testing practices.

The value pursued by KPNP is to provide sports operation and management services so that the martial arts can be perfectly harmonized with the spirit of martial arts and IT technology, while focusing on the development of martial arts, and allowing athletes to perform at their best on the field. no see.

KPNP provides sporting goods business, wearable business, and sporting event operation platform service that reflects advanced technology and economic efficiency based on the accumulated technical know-how of Taekwondo electronic protective gear and stadium operation management system.

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